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02 Apr 2015
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AIRTIGHT sponsors Adelaide Comets U12 Kanga Cup team

Airtight Solutions are proud to support the Adelaide Comets U12 Kanga team as they represent Adelaide at the 2015 Kanga Cup. The Kanga Cup is the largest FFA sanctioned tournament in Australia for kids between 10-17. More than 160 teams participate, totaling 2500 boys and girls who are out there getting active during this weeklong event.

The Kanga Cup 2015 Committee have provided this insight into the annual event:

““The tournament offers players an opportunity to develop while being challenged against teams from all over Australia. We treat this tournament not only as a football tournament, but one that will help each player develop lifetime skills of commitment, team environment bonding and responsibility while representing their Club.” ”

This tournament is sure to be a lifelong memory for all the young players, and we wish them the best luck!