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Airtight Solutions are the first choice for many Australasian joineries and cabinetmakers when it comes to dust control. Our tailored products, solutions and systems provide outstanding performance for the joinery and cabinetmaking industries, which have highly specific dust control needs.

A quick look at our clientele will demonstrate that the leading names in the industry trust Airtight Solutions for their dust control needs. From indoor units to large outdoor plants with silos or bins, Airtight offer a wide range of solutions to suit your exact needs. Our products also accommodate your business’s changing needs, with our unitary dust collector range being easy to extend.

Most of our dust collecting and ducting equipment are readily available from either our ex-stock range or otherwise have short delivery lead times. We provide a complete turnkey package for your dust control needs, from the initial concept visit to the post-installation commissioning. Our dust collectors are best paired with our QF ducting systems, which are some of the most flexible ducting options available for the joinery and cabinetmaking industries.

We also offer ongoing service, spares and preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment functions at its best and downtime is minimised. We supply more than just dust extraction systems, with a wide range of European-built shredders and briquetters also available. Our engineers have the design expertise to provide a solution that minimises your power usage and cleverly handles waste disposal.

Airtight Solutions also offer troubleshooting, auditing, plant maintenance and servicing to ensure your joinery or cabinetmaking shop is functioning at its best.

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