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pulse jet baghouse being assembled
08 Aug 2016
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Not all Pulsejet Filters are Created Equal

One commonly used component of wood dust extraction systems are pulsejet filters. At Airtight Solutions, however, we want to remind you that not all pulsejet filters are created equal! There are certain features you should look out for which will help you choose a product that will stand the test of time. Remember that a cheap filter won’t be a bargain if it works inefficiently or breaks down straight away.

The expert team at Airtight recommend that tubular filter bags are the only type you should consider. Cartridges and star bags are simply not worth the money (see our article “Cartridges Are Not For Wood Dust” and research star bags to discover why they should not be used to design with at all!)

Instead, the only way to go is quality filter bags from a reputable supplier like Airtight. We recommend an antistatic polyester needle felt on polyester scrim with a fabric weight in the 500 – 600 g/m2 range.

The different pulse systems will vary in their effectiveness depending on a number of factors. Some questions to ask include: is it a proven design? Can this be verified?


While the filter bag area is important, remember that the filter bag area won’t make up for other design flaws. The quality of the overall design is what should guide your purchasing decision.

To make maintenance easier, try an option that has top filter bag access and spring clip filter bags. Side entry filter bags should be avoided as they cause higher dust exposure and can be hard to access in confined spaces. Hopper dust entry is also not a great option, as the upward airflow in the bag chamber makes cleaning more difficult and results in the pressure to drop. The end result of this is reduced airflow and reduced filter bag life, costing you more in the long run.

Bear in mind that pulse controllers need to comply with electrical regulations, compressed air reservoirs need to be tested to high pressure vessel standards, support structures need to meet wind and seismic code standards and ladders and walkways need to meet safe access standards. To be sure that all these regulations are complied with, obtain your pulsejet filters from Airtight Solutions.