Abrasiveflex Heavy

Abrasiveflex Heavy


  • Ideal for dust, powder, fibres, chips, granulates and other abrasive solids
  • Also suitable for gaseous and liquid substances
  • To be used as part of industrial vacuum cleaners and suction and de-dusting plants

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Temperature Range

  • Range from -40°C to 90°C with a short time to reach 125°C


  • Resistant to microbes and hydrolysis
  • Offers strong resistance to oil, gasoline and chemicals
  • Provides good resistance to ozone and UV
  • High flexibility at low temperatures
  • Flame-retardant according to: UL94-HB
  • Tear resistant, boasting high tensile strength
  • Ether-polyurethane
  • Wall thickness of approx. 1.0 mm