NFS-2HJ 3000 Series

NFS-2HJ 3000 Series

Ideally suited to medium sized air flows, the NFS3000 Reverse Air Filter features large material concentration and can handle air volumes from 8,000-60,000m3/h.

The NFS3000 Reverse Air Filter has been installed more than any other brand thanks to its reliable performance and cost effectiveness. Airtight’s NF series is now widely known as the go-to solution for many of Australia’s largest manufacturers, with its performance being unparalleled.

The modular design of this series means it can be extended to suit your constantly evolving needs, meaning your investment is truly future-proof!

Key Benefits

  • Modular design that allows for customisable, flexible extraction for your needs today and in the future
  • Future proof as it can be extended to suit your growing requirements
  • Efficiently self-cleans while in use
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • ATEX compliant – adheres to European safety and emissions standards
  • 50,000 systems installed globally


For highly-effective, high dust volume cleaning, look no further than the NFS filter series. Designed to operate continuously and clean while in operation, which allows them to function even more efficiently.

The NFS2HJ is best suited to medium dust load applications, servicing up to 24,000m3/hour. This is roughly the same performance as 8-12 machines for the average joinery/cabinetmaking application.

The NFS2HJ is designed with safety at the forefront, with each module comprising of a safety switch and combined inspection and explosion relief door.

The system works by separating medium and large particles in the filter hopper (with an optional inlet section), and the air being distributed to the filter bags. This material is then discharged through the screw conveyor or rotary valves.

The rotary valve comes standard with the 2HJ, ensuring continuous operation without the need for shutting down the system just to empty the waste bin. Additionally, the NFS2HJ also has a Variable Speed Drive that keeps the running costs low, an online PLC controlled reverse air cleaning system and 170m2 of XT15 antistatic filter socks.


The NFS2HJ’s main fan is highly-efficient, self-cleaning and high performance, providing quiet operation and ensuring low running costs. Airtight Solutions use heavy duty 4 pole fans (5mm) instead of the cheaper alternative of 2 pole fans.

  • 4 pole fans are larger in size and run slowly, typically between 1,250-1,480 rpm, which ensures quiet operation
  • 2 pole fans are smaller in size and run faster, typically at 3,000 rpm, which produces plenty of noise!


The modular design of the 2HJ ensures that it can be easily extended as your business grows and your extraction requirements increase.

In the case of heavy waste load applications, the waste will typically be discharged into a silo, container or other material transport system.

Common Applications

  • Joinery and cabinetmaking
  • Timber and processing
  • Paper and trim

Technical Specifications & Quick Facts

Quick Facts

  • 100 patented, 170m2 XT15 antistatic filter shocks
  • 2400Wm 2400D, 5800H dimensions – height is variable for each installation
  • Typical application is Ø560 inlet 24,000 m3/hr (depending on dust load)
  • Integrated PLC for on-line cleaning
  • Continuous operation via NRS Rotary Valve

Technical Parameters

  • Working temperature up to 75°C
  • Separate inlet module or Inlet through hopper
  • Filters bags reverse-air clean while operating with regeneration fan
  • Combined explosion relief and inspection doors with safety switch
  • Available in negative (5,000Pa) or positive (800Pa) pressure options
  • Rolled galvanised steel finish


  1. Screw auger and rotary valve extension
  2. Clean air is recycled back to the factory with return-air ducting
  3. Telescopic leg extensions
  4. Transfer system – blow line
  5. Spark arrest system
  6. Silencers
  7. Performance testing and service
  8. Extended warranties

Airtight Solutions have extensive experience

across a range of industries.

Some Airtight NF2HJ Filter Customers Include

  • Hume Doors
  • Harvey Norman
  • Concept Caravans
  • Laminex