Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves

Rotary valves work to create a seal between two environments that are under different pressures. Our rotary valves:

  • Ensure waste products drop out of the dust collector without pressurising
  • Operate continuously so you do not have to pause operations to empty the bin
  • Are available in the Standard NRS range
  • Are available in various options for heavy duty applications
  • Are available in either stainless steel or cast iron options
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Options include rubber, steel or plastic blades
  • Include ATEX rated valves


Airtight Solutions are committed to quality, which is why our standard NRS rotary valves are available in a heavy-duty painted construction. This makes them ideal for use across many industries and applications. These heavy-duty valves are available in painted finish, stainless steel and with a floating seal cast iron valve.

Technical Specifications & Quick Facts

The chart below shows our standard NRS rotary valve capacities

Type Article No. Capacity at 100% filling Motor HK/kW Weight Kg
NRS4 70004.006 66m3/h 1/0,75 67
NRS10 700010.006 165m3/h 1/0,75 100
NRS20 700020.006 330m3/h 1/0,75 170
NRS30 700030.006 496m3/h 1/0,75 240
NRS6-P 70110.500 150m3/h 1/0,75 235
NRS9-P 70110.400 225m3/h 1/0,75 281
NRS10-P 70110.000 250m3/h 1/0,75 296