Spark Trap

Spark Trap

Essential Fire Protection

When dust collectors are managed inadequately, the risk of fire is greatly increased. Airtight Solutions have developed the Spark Trap to minimise the risk of fire by cooling passing sparks below ignition temperature. The Spark Trap has no dangerous moving parts, no power requirements and results in minimal pressure loss, allowing you to enjoy improved safety with minimal hassle or cost!


  • Fuss-free fire protection
  • Affordable
  • Easy Install
  • Requires no power to operate
  • Has no moving parts, making it a safer product


The Airtight In-Line Spark Trap is installed in a building’s ducting to reduce the possibility of fire in collectors or cyclones by cooling and decreasing the number of sparks that could travel through the ductwork.

The Airtight In-Line Spark Trap has no dangerous moving parts and does not require power to operate. It can be installed effortless into any Quick-Fit ducting system or any other ducting system if used with an Airtight adapter. What’s more, the trap can easily be removed for cleaning, making maintenance a breeze. The Airtight In-Line Spark Trap is also available with flanged ends.

The simplicity of our Spark Trap means no calibration or professional assistance from a factory technician is required. With the installation of our simple and affordable tool, your factory can enjoy reduced fire risk, reduced costs and improved safety.

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