Oil Mist

Airtight Solutions extend our services to managing oil mist, which is common in the metal working industry. This is in the form of a complete turnkey package which includes the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of oil mist extraction and filtration systems.

Oil mist is created during the process of cooling and lubricating tooling using fluids in the metal working industry. The oil mist that is created can be highly toxic for workers when inhaled and also creates a greasy film on surfaces that makes the workplace unsafe.

Specifically, the mist is created when:

  • Hot tools come into contact with coolant fluid, which then burns or vaporises. The mist that results disperses into the air and eventually settles on surfaces, leaving an oily residue.
  • When fluid comes into contact with fast moving parts. The splattering of liquid that results can disperse into the air as fine droplets, which may be inhaled by workers.

To combat the negative effects of oil mist, Airtight Solutions offer specialised oil mist filtration systems. We are able to identify the appropriate method of filtration for the process and chemicals used, ensuring the oil mist is handled correctly. This expertise in oil mist filtration is recognised by Public Works, consulting engineers and key players in the metal working industry.

Airtight Solutions are also trusted by TAFEs and Universities for keeping students safe from the dangers of oil mist.

Airtight Solutions engineered the perfect
solution for this industry.

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