Modular Ducting

Airtight Solutions offer quality modular ducting in NZ, with our modular ducting known to be strongest on the market. This superior modular ducting also takes 40% less time to install, saving your team the excess labour and cost. When you opt for our modular ducting, you won’t even need to hire a specialised installer, as the job can be carried out by one of your team members.

Give the leading providers of dust extraction ducting supplies in NZ a call today!

Modular Ducting Supplies In Auckland, Christchurch New Zealand (NZ)

a tool-free installation, superior quality, compatibility with other ducting systems, no leakage, easy maintenance and a smooth interior surface.

For quality dust extraction ducting supplies in Christchurch, Auckland and throughout New Zealand, Airtight Solutions are the clear choice.

Why choose Airtight’s Quick Fit Modular Ductwork?  

  • Price – The most cost effective ductwork solution available!
  • Quick to install – Up to 40% less down time!
  • QUALITY – superior to ALL other modular products on the market
  • Compatibility – Adapters available to ALL other duct systems
  • Tool free installation – All clamps clip together in seconds… more bolts/rivets
  • No leakage – Integrated seal in each clamp (best seal on the market)
  • Easy maintenance – Simply unclip each individual component
  • Smooth interior surface – Reduce chance of blockages
  • QF Ducting is a worldwide PROVEN product for conveying cement, timber, powder material, fumes, paper, plastics & more

Helpful Hint; Correct ducting system design is critical to the overall system performance.

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