Modular Ducting

Quick Fit Modular Ducting System

Airtight solutions range of Quick Fit  modular ducting is the strongest and fastest ducting to install on the market. Its unique rolled edge construction provides superior strength and less sagging and chance of leakages.

With up to 40% less time required for installation our Quick Fit ducting is the most cost effective ductwork solution available. Our proven products are preferred by Australasia’s leading OEM’s and are extensively stocked Australia and New Zealand.

Why choose Airtight’s Quick Fit Modular Ductwork?  

  • Price – The most cost effective ductwork solution available!
  • Quick to install – Up to 40% less down time!
  • QUALITY – superior to ALL other modular products on the market
  • Compatibility – Adapters available to ALL other duct systems
  • Tool free installation – All clamps clip together in seconds… more bolts/rivets
  • No leakage – Integrated seal in each clamp (best seal on the market)
  • Easy maintenance – Simply unclip each individual component
  • Smooth interior surface – Reduce chance of blockages
  • QF Ducting is a worldwide PROVEN product for conveying cement, timber, powder material, fumes, paper, plastics & more

Helpful Hint; Correct ducting system design is critical to the overall system performance.

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