Paper & Textiles

Airtight Solutions provide a host of solutions for the paper and textiles industries, with our range of specialist products including:

  • Reverse pulse dust collectors and bin venting filters
  • Reverse air dust control units
  • Paper and textile separators
  • Chopper fans
  • Antistatic and explosion relief features that ensure your premises complies with all requirements and regulations
  • Large volume/low density rotary valves for high and low-pressure applications
  • Quick-fit modular ducting in both standard and heavy walled build and a range of antistatic and abrasion resistant flexible ducting.
  • Cyclones built for demanding applications
  • Pneumatic conveying systems and components
  • Mechanical conveying equipment including screw and drag chain conveyors

Our team of qualified engineers can custom-design dust control systems for any aspect of the paper and textiles industries, ensuring that the materials and equipment used is best suited to handle the waste materials and dusts present in these industries.

We are also more than happy to offer our troubleshooting and auditing services to existing plants looking to improve their operations.

Airtight Solutions engineered the perfect
solution for this industry.

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