FMC Cartridge pulse Jet Dust Collector

FMC Cartridge pulse Jet Dust Collector

  • Airtight Solutions offer cartridges in a variety of materials to suit any application, regardless of dust type, quantity or the required efficiency
  • Modular, flexible and compact design ensures installation can be completed close to the dust source. This in turn reduces the energy consumption that would otherwise be expended transporting the dust-laden air to the filter.
  • Cartridges can be accessed and replaced easily
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Weatherproof
  • Integral pre-separation chamber
  • ATEX compliant, independently tested (FMKZ) for explosive dusts


Made from galvanised steel sheet and featuring the patented UniClean® system, FMC Pulse Jet cartridge filters are some of the most relied-upon cartridge filters on the market. The UniClean® cartridges guarantee consistent, effective cleaning through the entire cartridge, with the in-built pressure control system allowing you to clean on demand. Designed to handle air volumes from 1200 to 21000 m³/h, the FMC Pulse Jet cartridge filter is suited to different applications with different types of dust. Furthermore, customers can be sure they will receive maximum filtration efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

The FMC Pulse Jet filter is also designed to avoid dust accumulation on the filter media due to the filter cartridges being positioned vertically.

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