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Client Best Doors
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Scope Of Work Airtight NFK 8+1 Chain Filter System
Schedule 2005

Project Detail

Auckland-based client Best Doors use an Airtight NFK 8+1 chain filter in their factory that comprises of three separate fan extraction systems.

This filter features eight filtering modules and one empty module where the ducts enter, which explains the name “8+1 chain filter”.

The Airtight NFK 8+1 chain filter allows Best Doors to save a considerable amount on their power costs, as there is an individual fan on each separate ducting system which does not have to run if that section of the plant isn’t running. Similarly, if one area of the plant needs to operate for an extended period of time, only that fan needs to run.

The resulting dust is expelled at the end of the chain conveyor by a NRS rotary valve and collected to be removed at a later time. Best Doors have been enjoying the benefits of their Airtight NFK 8+1 chain filter since 2005.