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Why Cartridge Filters are not suitable for Wood Dust
04 Jul 2016
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Why Cartridge Filters are not suitable for Wood Dust

The team at Airtight is often approached for advice on how to ensure a cartridge filter works better on wood dust. The answer is simply to throw it out and start again.

The Blocking Mechanism

Wood dust is usually comprised of both fine particles and bulky materials. These bulky particles are what can block your filter, wedging into the pleats and preventing the fine dust from dislodging. This causes the fine dust to compress even more, restricting the airflow and causing a drastic drop in performance.


The Airflow

The expert team at Airtight have audited around 15 cartridge filter systems in the last 12 months, finding that in all cases the extraction airflow was only 35-45% of what it was supposed to be. This essentially means you are getting less than half of the performance that you paid for!

The Fix

Airtight can make your cartridge filter work better by making changes to the cabinet/hopper or allowing for larger pulse valves/air reservoir. Although this will improve the performance somewhat, it will still not be able to function at the intended level and costly to run.

The Solution

Do not use a cartridge filter for your wood dust application.


Airtight stock a wide range of cartridge filters, pulsejet filters and reverse air filters. However, we do not sell cartridge filters for wood dust applications due to the aforementioned issues.