Airtight EZ Shred 8

Airtight EZ Shred 8

Airtight Solutions have now expanded our range of available products by also offering waste reduction options for wood waste, rubber, aluminium and paper.

Benefits of Airtight EZ Shredders:

  • Less impact is created thanks to the slow rotating motor along the material and the assistance provided by the hydraulic pusher.
  • The power draw and hydraulic pressure is measured by the control unit, with the amount of force during the grinding process being controlled. This means less strain on the equipment and a longer working life.
  • The fixing screws are protected from wear and tear thanks to the cutter heads being mounted on solid blocks.
  • The cutter heads are mounted on solid blocks so the fixing screws do not take a shear load, and the head of the fixing screw is protected from wear or damage – easier and faster change.
  • The diamond shaped cutter heads are superior to round cutter heads in that they have less impact, can easily be rotated up to four times and ensure lower running costs.
  • Strong cutting head support, less equipment strain and reduced friction is provided by the “V” profiles.


Type EZ 8
(approx for 16/20 screen)
1.2-2.0 m3/hr of
loose wood blocks
Hopper opening: 800 x 1000 mm
Hopper volume: 0.8 m3
Rotor Diameter: 252 mm
Rotor Length: 800 mm
Rotor Speed: 60 – 100 rpm
Connection: 200 mm
 Dimensions (m):  1.8L x 1.4W x 1.6H
Weight: 1500 kg
Power Motor: 18.5 kW
Cutting System: 30 x 30 mm Concave headed cutters
Screen Size(mm): 16/20 mm common for chipboard/mdf.
20/25mm common for pine off cuts.
10/12 mm common for briquetting .
Various sizes available depend on throughput required.
Throughput The throughput rate depends on material composition & screen size
Control: Electronic control using a PLC. All controls housed in an IP44 control cabinet
Voltage: 400 V +/- 5% / 50 Hz


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