FMK Cassette Pulse Jet Dust Collector

FMK Cassette Pulse Jet Dust Collector

  • Used extensively over 20 years, with technology being continuously improved upon by Airtight Solutions
  • Variety of filter materials available depending on the dust type that is to be handled
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel
  • Weatherproof
  • Integral pre-separation chamber
  • Maintenance can be conducted from unit front
  • ATEX compliant, independently tested (FMKZ) for explosive dusts
  • Cross flow/down flow inlet air pattern for maximum efficiency
  • Variety of integral or remote fans to choose from





This compact cassette filter has been used in a wide range of industrial sectors to solve dust management problems. Suitable for both interior and exterior placement, the FMK Cassette Pulse Jet dust collector is available in a variety of materials with fan options that include mounting on top or standalone.

Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the product’s patented filter cassette design, with compressed air consumption being kept at a minimum. The effectiveness of the cleaning is further ensured by the electronic controlled reverse air pulse cleaning system.

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