PA & PB Heavy Duty Pulse jet baghouses

PA & PB Heavy Duty Pulse jet baghouses

  • Tough construction
  • Pulse jet cleaning
  • Suitable for hot or cold applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Highly efficient filtration


Airtight Solutions’ PA & PB Heavy Duty Pulse Jet Baghouses collect the dust-laden air in the lower portion of the filter housing before passing it to the media filtration bags, and finally, expelled through the top of the baghouse.

The sturdy metal cage supporting the filter bags ensure that they do not collapse, with the filter bag materials being specially selected depending on dust type and gas temperature. The dust that is collected is then discharged via an auger or rotary valve to the bin.

Common applications

  • Seed cleaning
  • Milling
  • Boiler emissions
  • Milk powder dryers
  • Wood shavings

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